Billing and Insurance

Our Lady of Lourdes will file a claim to your insurance carrier(s) for all services rendered. After discharge, you will receive a statement of services provided and continue to receive a statement of account each 30 days until the account is settled.

Our Lady of Lourdes requests a deposit from all patients with a co-pay, deductible, or coinsurance amount due. For all scheduled services, a deposit of 50% or payment arrangements on file is requested 3-5 days prior to the scheduled service.

Our Lady of Lourdes also reserves the right to request 100% of the patient responsibility be paid if accounts exist that are in bad debt status.

Our Lady of Lourdes expects the bill to be paid in full within 90 days of discharge.

Please respond to inquiries from your insurance carrier as quickly as possible to avoid payment delays. If patients are unable to finance their expenses within 90 days, the hospital has extended payment arrangements.

Any patient who wishes to discuss their financial obligations may contact our financial counselors at 337-470-4717 to discuss insurance benefits, financial liabilities, alternative funding sources, available programs and potential eligibility for financial assistance programs.

Charity and Financial Assistance Program

Our Lady of Lourdes' priority is to provide you with the best health care possible. Our mission is to improve the health and lives of our patients and community. We recognize that oftentimes hospital expenses are unexpected and we understand that patients may require assistance in meeting their financial obligations. Our Lady of Lourdes offers financial assistance programs based on a sliding scale of federal poverty guidelines.

Patients must submit a completed application and have their eligibility approved to receive free or discounted care under our program. Applications are provided upon request from a registrar, financial counselor, or any business office representative. The Business Office is available to answer any questions regarding billing, insurance or financing matters: Mon - Fri, from 8 am - 4 pm, or by calling 470-2138. To make a payment, visit the Cashiers Office in the first floor hallway: Mon - Fri, from 8 am - 4:30 pm.