For Visitors

As an important part of our team, we want you to enjoy your time with your hospitalized family member or friend. To provide the best care, security, privacy, and comfort for all patients, we ask you to follow these guidelines for hospital visits:

  • Be sure children are well supervised by an adult at all times. Children may not play in halls or stairwells. To avoid spreading germs and infection to the patient, any child who might have a cold or fever should not come to the hospital. 
  • Keep in mind all patients' need for rest, quiet, and privacy. 
  • Discourage family and friends with colds, sore throats, and other viruses or infections from visiting the patient in the hospital. Since patients are susceptible to contagious illnesses, encourage ill well-wishers to call, write, or email instead.
  • Respect all "no visitor," "isolation," or any other signs that have been ordered by the attending physician. 
  • Observe our need for quiet. Have conversations quietly and in private. Place your cell phones on vibrate. 
  • Visit the patient in small groups of three or less. Larger groups can be overwhelming and can intrude into other families' needs for privacy 
  • End your visit by 9 pm, unless you are the support person staying the night.

Patient and guest parking is located in the lots in front of the main entrance to the hospital . See site map below. Contact Security for issues at 337-470-2266.

Advocacy Department
Working with members of the multi-disciplinary team, Advocates help to assure that patients have a satisfactory hospital stay. Advocates maintain a patient-centered focus, promote the respect and dignity of the patient and educate patients about the changing healthcare environment. They assist patients in understanding patient rights and responsibilities, and also provide an avenue through which a patient may voice a concern, suggestion, problem or complaint, with assurance it will be addressed and, when possible, resolved. Through patient visitation, the Advocates strive to heighten the awareness of patient perceptions, which serve as catalysts for change.

If you have questions, concerns, compliments and/ or suggestions, you may contact your Advocate by calling extension 2810, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:30 am and 4 pm. After hours, the nursing supervisor can be reached by dialing "0" for the operator.