Spiritual Care Services

Providing spiritual support for patients and their families is a big part of who we are and the care we provide at Our Lady of Lourdes. As a Catholic hospital, our staff members are called to serve in a healing ministry of Jesus Christ. As such, our staff is always available to pray with you and your loved ones - regardless of your religious denomination.

We also offer spiritual support through our Pastoral Care team, which includes priests, sisters, deacons and Christian laymen who will visit with you during your stay in the hospital. Simply call(337) 470-2196 or tell your nurse that you would welcome a visit from our Pastoral Care team.

In addition, our St. Agnes of Assisi Chapel located on the first floor in the main lobby is always open to patients and their loved ones for quiet prayer and meditation. Daily Mass is celebrated at 11:30 AM in the St. Agnes of Assisi Chapel for those who wish to attend services from Sunday to Friday.

(No daily mass on Saturday)

A Blessing For You

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine on you. May He look upon you with kindness and peace.