Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular surgery at Lourdes is provided by some of the most talented, experienced and respected cardiovascular surgeons in Acadiana - assisted by highly trained surgical nurses and support personnel. We offer patients a full range of cardiovascular surgical procedures including open-heart surgery, vascular surgery and neurovascular surgery.

Cardiovascular surgical procedures at Lourdes are performed in a specially designed hybrid endovascular suite. This suite gives surgeons the ability to perform open-heart surgery and minimally invasive endovascular procedures on the same patient, at the same time, in one operating room. This state-of-the-art equipment includes advanced imaging capabilities, which provide clear and accurate visualization of small blood vessels, stents, catheters and guidewires during complex procedures.

The ability to perform all of these procedures in one room eliminates the need to move patients during a procedure, which also reduces the risk of infection. Patients also benefit from less radiation during imaging, shorter procedure times and less need for ICU care. As a result of all these benefits, many patients experience shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time.