Prostate MRI

MRI is changing the way prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated, providing physicians and their patients with a clearer path to health. Under the guidance of Dr. Jeremy Laborde, Feinberg School of Medicine Fellow and sought-after speaker in prostate MRI, Lourdes Imaging offers the most advanced, ACR-certified prostate MRI facility in the region.

Utilizing advanced functional sequences, MRI is now capable of directly visualizing clinically significant prostate cancer. The result is a paradigm shift in prostate cancer care, allowing physicians to create individualized rather than statistical based treatment plans.

Prostate MRI is indicated for:

  • Low risk disease (AJCC Group I), to determine the appropriateness of active surveillance
  • Multiple negative biopsies, but concern for prostate cancer based upon rising or persistently elevated serum markers
  • High risk (AJCC Groups III and IV) and intermediate risk (AJCC Groups IIA or IIB) prostate disease established by biopsy, which would benefit from imaging staging
  • Rising PSA after radical prostatectomy, androgen deprivation or radiation therapy.

MRI is the proven choice for prostate cancer diagnosis, and Lourdes Imaging is the leading prostate MRI provider, with all exams and reports meeting ESUR 2012 prostate MRI guidelines.

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