Your primary care doctor has suggested that you see a specialist...now what? Lourdes Physician Group provides quality services covering Primary Care, Internal Medicine as well as more specialized medicine such as Pulmonology and Cardiovascular Medicine.

Lourdes Physician Group Pulmonology Clinic physicians and dedicated support staff are committed to providing the highest quality health care related to breathing disorders, critical illness and sleep related problems. Lafayette is home to some great pulmonologists that can help get respiratory conditions under control. Pulmonology is a difficult field of study considering how complex the human lungs can be. The specialists in the Lourdes Physician Group are well-qualified and ready to help get your lungs functioning optimally.

These pulmonologists are part of our Intensivist Program, which utilizes a team approach to treat patients with life-threatening conditions such as respiratory failure, stroke or severe trauma in the Lourdes Intensive Care Unit. Our pulmonologists play a key role in directing care in the ICU and working with the attending physician, critical care nurses, respiratory therapists and other specialists to provide medical treatment as well as spiritual care. These efforts result in improved patient survival rates and quality of care, decreased procedure complications and increased medication safety.

Our Pulmonology Group is located at 4811 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Suite 305 (inside Park Place Surgical Hospital). For more information or to make an appointment call (337) 470-3040.

Cardiovascular Medicine
Lourdes Cardiovascular Medicine physicians and dedicated support staff are committed to improving your heart health by delivering effective, quality, state of the art care in cardiovascular medicine. The multidisciplinary team of providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses have specialized expertise in prevention cardiology, coronary artery disease, vascular disease and heart disease with a special focus on cardiothoracic surgery.

Cardiothoracic Surgeons specializing in surgical techniques related to problems of the heart, heart valves, lungs, chest, and vascular. Procedures include but are not limited to repair and replacement of faulty heart valves, coronary artery bypass grafting and ventricular assist device implant surgeries.
For information or to make an appointment at Lourdes Cardiovascular Clinic call (337) 470-3580.

Hospital Medicine
Hospitalists are skilled physicians who specialize in hospital medicine.

By focusing their expertise on inpatients, hospitalists are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat illnesses that hospitalized patients commonly face. During your stay, our hospitalists coordinate all aspects of your medical care, working closely with nurses, specialists, hospital staff and your own family doctor. This team approach ensures that you and your family receive timely information, personal service and comprehensive care—for a smooth and speedy recovery.

Your doctor has referred you to our hospitalist program to ensure you receive the highest level of care at Our Lady of Lourdes. At discharge, you will return to the care of your primary care physician for additional treatment, follow-up care and medication management.

What should I expect?
Like any other doctor, a hospitalist will visit you daily to monitor progress and answer questions. If concerns arise between visits, your nurse will contact the hospitalist team. At discharge, your hospitalist will explain your home care plan and prescribe any necessary medications. The hospitalist will schedule a follow-up visit with your primary doctor; sending a detailed report with test results.

Benefits of Hospitalists
  • Enhanced communication. Hospitalists are on site to consult with other specialists and service departments, like lab and radiology, while keeping your primary doctor in the loop.
  • Rapid response. Hospitalists can respond quickly to changes in patient conditions or to new test results—adjusting your care plan on the spot.
  • Shorter stay. Having a hospitalist on site can shorten your wait time for tests, results and consultations—often speeding your recovery and shortening your hospital stay.