Louisiana Stroke Network

Founded by Our Lady of Lourdes, the Louisiana Stroke Network is a collaboration of local hospitals working in concert to provide the most comprehensive stroke care in Louisiana.

We are dedicated to lowering the mortality rate and lasting effects of disability caused by stroke in our community. We accomplish this through the use of robotic telemedicine technology that allows participating hospitals in outlying areas to have fast 24/7 access to Lourdes' highly skilled neuromedical physicians and innovative treatments. Our stroke specialists can quickly perform live, real-time audiovisual assessments on remote patients who have suffered acute strokes - increasing the likelihood that clot-dissolving therapies can be delivered in time to reduce stroke disability.

Along with Lourdes, the pioneer partners of the Louisiana Stroke Network include Opelousas General Health System, Iberia Medical Center and Jennings American Legion Hospital. Our network is championed by physicians including local ER doctors, neurologists, neurosurgeons and interventional neuroradiologists - and we hope to add more outlying community hospitals to our network in the future.

The Louisiana Stroke Network also strives to build public awareness for the causes and symptoms of stroke by promoting education and prevention. By coming together to support regional stroke care, we can provide the people of our communities with the knowledge and care they need for a healthier future.