Lourdes Imaging

Lourdes Imaging combines the latest technology guided by board-certified radiologists specialized in orthopedic imaging. At once comforting and cutting-edge, Lourdes Imaging offers orthopedic and sports medicine patients five locations in and around Acadiana, with seven American College of Radiology accreditations. We are committed to proper diagnosis, matching each orthopedic patient with the right equipment and the right specialist for the best results.

Ready for every orthopedic emergency and scheduled surgery, Lourdes Imaging offers:

  • Five locations in and around Acadiana
  • Seven American College of Radiology accreditations
  • 3T and High Field MRI
  • 64-Slice CT (Low Dose Radiation)
  • Fluoroscopy, Myelography and X-Ray

For more information, contact Lourdes Imaging Network at 337-470-SCAN.