Joint Endeavor Pre-op Program

/assets/images/605.jpgCombining the latest in preoperative education and postoperative therapy, Joint Endeavor helps joint replacement patients and their families prepare for surgery and speed recovery, getting back to daily activities as quickly as possible. Joint Endeavor includes education and exercise classes to discuss pre- and post-operative expectations and emphasize the importance of strengthening muscles prior to surgery. Each patient is assigned a case management nurse to coordinate postoperative care, ensuring they return home with a sense of independence and the skills and tools necessary to return to daily life.

Our Program includes:

    Education classes covering pre- and post-operative care
  • Pre-operative exercises to increase strength prior to surgery
  • Goals and expectations of joint replacement procedures
  • Post-operative home preparation
  • Case management nurse to coordinate post-operative care
  • Post-operative services, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and check-ins

For more information about our preoperative program, contact Lourdes Orthopedics at 337-470-BONE (2663).