Lourdes Foundation

Purchase your ticket today for a chance to win a ROADSTER or an OFF-ROADER. Your $50 ticket will benefit Lourdes Foundation and our outreach services. Learn more about our raffle or buy your tickets now by clicking the button below. 

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Lourdes Foundation touches the lives of hundreds of those most in need every day. We are Catholic Missionaries inspired by the Holy Spirit to bring health and hope to our community. Lourdes Foundation supports charitable healthcare services in Acadiana that extend our mission of stewardship and outreach to those most in need. Each day hundreds of lives are touched by experience in our community programs. One person at a time. One neighborhood at a time. We are blessed to build stronger and healthier communities.

As the future of healthcare in our country evolves, so does the question of financial reimbursements, escalating costs and increased number of patients.  However, one thing remains unchanged...our promise to provide compassionate, quality care for all of Jesus' children in our community. This commitment is present on our hospital campus and even more so in our community clinics.

Be the blessing, contact us at lourdesfoundation@lourdesrmc.com, by phone at 337-470-4610 or DONATE NOW.

We invite you to watch this short video and learn more about how to "Be the Blessing".